EasyBike: The biggest automated bike sharing system

BRAINBOX SA is the biggest company for automated bike sharing systems in Southeastern Europe, having installed the largest related projects that have been implemented to date.

EasyBike systems promote green growth and sustainable mobility by reducing pollution and noise, facilitating traffic and saving resources and money.

These are modern bike sharing systems that have been developed by BRAINBOX S.A. and incorporate technologies tested in Europe but also adapted to the Greek reality. They allow access to bicycles in an automated way and calculate the actual time of use of the bicycles and the corresponding charge. EasyBike system can serve subscribers who have a special electronic card to pick up and deliver bicycles, as well as occasional users who can use the mobile phone and their credit card to have direct access to the bicycles.

The evolution of technology pushed BRAINBOX S.A. to be active from 2018, in the creation of freefloat systems (without stations), introducing electric bicycles in a number of projects. This is how the subsystems Bikeazy and EbikeShare were created. The new subsystems allow users to pick up and use an electric bike exclusively using a special mobile app, returning it to one of the available parking areas.

BRAINBOX now has its own fleet of electric bicycles in Athens, Thessaloniki, Kalamata and Rethymno and manages a total of 4,500 shared bicycles in 40 cities.

In addition, BRAINBOX has developed an integrated a platform for sustainable mobility, which supports the management of bicycles, conventional and electric, scooters as well as electric cars.

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