BRAINBOX InfoTerminal & PayTerminal

Innovative systems with unique capabilities for information and transactions with credit cards indoors and outdoors.

Smart and robust equipment with unlimited possibilities

BRAINBOX infoterminal and payterminal systems are 2 versions of terminal equipment that can be installed indoors or outdoors and connected online with a control center to manage their operation. They have unique features such as anti-vandal touch screen of various dimensions, keyboard, credit card slot, electronic and magnetic card reader, etc. and can be used in a number of remote information and communication applications as well as making online payments.

InfoTerminal & Payterminal Website

BRAINBOX City Lockers

The first fully automated luggage storage system in Thessaloniki was manufactured and implemented by BRAINBOX S.A.

100% automated experience

The automated City Lockers system of BRAINBOX includes special cabinets of various sizes, special type locks, touch screen for data entry and anti-vandal keypad. The service works exclusively with the use of a special application for mobile phones.

City Lockers Website
Smart Lockers Datasheet