Innovative Car Sharing Software Application

An easy, practical and reliable way to travel with multiple benefits for society and its citizens

“Alternative” transportation model

In order for someone to have access to an electric vehicle without the presence of human manpower, it is offered by BRAINBOX A.E. a unique software application for mobile phones in order to make reservations / rentals of vehicles and online transactions using a credit / debit card.

More specifically, the eCarSharing application includes:

  • The option of electronic reservation of a vehicle
  • On-line transactions with the use of credit / debit cards
  • Warranty withholding and return when the rental is completed
  • Electronic locking / unlocking of the vehicle with QR scanning
  • Real-time information regarding the route of the users via GPS
  • Real-time information of the backoffice regarding the position of the vehicle and its condition (battery level / autonomy)

BRAINBOX S.A. developed and supports the first electric car sharing system (eCarSharing) in Greece and more sστην Ελλάδα and specifically in the Municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni, being an additional mean of transportation in the context of measures to address COVID – 19.

Car Sharing Presentation

Applied technology from 2019

Nissan eCarSharing
Vari Voula Vouliagmeni Car Sharing