The conclusion of an agreement for the installation of technological systems for automatic bicycle rental in Bulgaria was signed by BrainBox SA. The agreement envisages cooperation with a Bulgarian company, a leader in the telematics – telecommunications market, for the installation of new systems in all major cities in Bulgaria.

According to George Voulgaroudis, CEO of BrainBox SA “Extroversion is a constant strategic goal for BrainBox and the market of neighboring Bulgaria is a natural continuation, due to its geographical and cultural proximity. There are significant business opportunities in a country characterized by a continuous improvement in living standards and a broadening of the need for sustainable mobility. All of the above are expected to lead to a large increase in the relevant infrastructure in the coming years, with the innovative Greek system of shared bicycles EasyBike to star in bike sharing ”

The contribution of the international non-governmental organization Endeavor was important for the implementation of the agreement. Endeavor supports the most promising companies around the world and helps them realize their potential through an unrivaled network of top professionals worldwide. BrainBox SA is a member of the Endeavor network since 2014.