Project Description


Configuration of an ecosystem and development of an e-service to promote the shared use of green transport modes in touristic areas.

Within the framework of the Diagoras project, an ecosystem has been developed that includes mobility service providers, tourism service providers, as well as the research and development sector. Through this ecosystem, mobility services are integrated to facilitate tourist travel and appropriate business models are developed to promote the shared use of green transportation methods. By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources (a. operation of vehicle-sharing systems, b. vehicle charging stations, c. Bluetooth sensors, d. taxi fleet telematics, e. social media, f. travel platforms), a comprehensive electronic service has been developed, consisting of a set of web/mobile/back-office applications, which has also laid the foundation for broader cooperation among mobility services in the future.

Diagoras application serves as a one-stop shop for tourism services, offering users: a) organization of visits to tourist sites, b) alternative access methods & combined use of transportation means. The application also supports the vehicle pick-up process and attempts to group travelers to reap all the benefits of the sharing economy.

The comparative advantage of the application lies in the utilization of a multitude of data for specialized travel suggestions based on each tourist’s requirements, creating automatic recommendations for personalized routes that include attractions and maximize benefits with green transportation solutions.

Diagoras project is also expected to play a pivotal role in the transition from private to shared use, as well as from using polluting vehicles to green transportation. To achieve these transitions, initially in Rhodes and subsequently in other tourist areas, synergies will be sought with tourism service providers, local businesses, and especially hotels, to make the use of integrated mobility services by tourists easily accessible and affordable.