Project Description


The scope of the project is the development of a complete MaaS software system that will include all the required functionality to provide mobility services to the mobile, with various electrically shared means, from a common point of electronic distribution and sale of services (one-stop-shop for mobility).

The integrated e-MaaS software system will consist of two distinct levels:

  1. a) MaaS application / digital service through which a user receives information and access to the MaaS combined mobility service,
  2. b) Central platform that will act as a neutral mobility aggregator and will combine services based on the needs of the city, partner companies and the mobile and will calculate KPIs for urban mobility.


Project results

  • MaaS digital service: Including a) mobile application for real-time monitoring of the availability of electric utility vehicles, booking, receipt and delivery of a vehicle and the payment process, b) Backoffice that includes secure payment, customer management, financial clearance functions and dashboard for shape monitoring.
  • MaaS platform: Supporting business-neutral data collection from mobility services, data analysis to match mobility services for the benefit of the end user and the principles of sustainable urban mobility.
  • Business framework: Establishing specific business rules, defining incentives for providers to participate in the MaaS scheme, the main goal is to create a win-win business environment with a balance between promoting entrepreneurship and supporting sustainable mobility for the overall, social good.
  • Governance framework: Defining and proposing conditions for the future creation of a governing body in which all those involved in the MaaS collaborative scheme will be able to participate.
  • Consolidation of services: Integration of electric bike-sharing, electric scooter-sharing, electric car-sharing and park and ride services.

Innovation: Implementation of a new, innovative for Greece and the city of Thessaloniki, electric car-sharing system using charging points and geofencing parking control technologies