Project Description

The E-pen solution is a complete system of electronic classification and archiving of documents. It is essentially a holistic solution that directly converts handwritten texts and forms into electronic files that are stored in a database, sorted and correlated with other data. The information is now available not only for storage but also for electronic collaboration, sending and formatting.

What does the E-pen consist of?
· From a special electronic pen

· From the form printed on plain paper that the user fills in

· From special software that is installed on a PC

How does it work
For the needs of each case, special forms are created that should be filled in by the customers. These forms are printed on plain paper and delivered for completion. The end customer simply fills out the form using the electronic pen that has the ability to record the completed data, convert it to digital data and send it to a database.
Therefore, manuscripts are automatically converted to digital data, available for editing, storage and sending. This automatically creates an electronic file with the data of the forms that the data are registered in a database. The transfer of the manuscripts to the PC is done either simply by touching the pen to its special base or by transferring the data remotely automatically via mobile phone.

E-Pen technology has many applications. Examples include:

Conducting polls, surveys, measurements
Transaction with the public and recording of data
Bulk signing of similar contracts
Keeping customer records
Keeping patient records