Project Description

SMS PARK is a Controlled Parking System using a mobile phone (via SMS messages or a special web application).
With the use of the system, the citizen can park directly in a controlled parking area without having to look for the cards or the ticket machines every time. He can be informed in real time on his mobile phone for the charges, for the available time but also for the available parking spaces. Parking is done by simply sending 2 text messages to a 5-digit number.
The system provides reliability, better control and easier management while the citizen is better served, achieves economy and has access to advanced information services.


The use of the controlled parking system includes the following:
Initially, the user registers in the controlled parking service, providing the system with the registration number of his vehicle. The user sends an SMS with the registration number of his vehicle and receives the appropriate response from the system, which confirms the registration. A user account is automatically created, which contains the details of the balance of his parking account and the vehicle or vehicles registered in the system.
Then the citizen has access to all the services and facilities of the system. He can renew his account balance by activating a prepaid parking card, declare the start of parking for the vehicle he wants, be informed about the balance of his account, declare the termination of his parking so that his charge ends. , to be informed about the availability of places in the area in which he is interested to park, and finally to have access to detailed data of his account (parking history, detailed billing, etc.).
The registration of the user in the system is required only once and can be done automatically during the first parking.

Parking time can be provided at any time. The time supply can be done either by using a prepaid time card available from points of sale or by using premium SMS services. In both cases, upon completion of the procedure, the system informs the user via SMS about the available parking time that has been provided and can be consumed whenever it wishes.

As soon as the citizen parks, he sends an SMS, which includes the number listed in the parking space he occupied (all parking spaces of the SMSPark system are numbered). The system confirms the start of parking and informs the citizen about the available balance of his account. Payment is made from the account of the user who sent the SMS. When the user leaves, he sends a blank SMS announcing the end of his parking. The system automatically notifies by SMS that the charge has stopped and informs the user about his new balance.

SMSPark provides modern services to citizens. Especially in Greece where the penetration of mobile phones in the population is very high, SMSPark is the best and easiest way of interface for the provision of controlled parking services.

With the use of SMSPark the citizen can park directly in a controlled parking area without looking for the cards or the ticket machines every time. He can be informed in real time on his mobile phone for the charges, for the available time but also for the available parking spaces.

The Municipality acquires a modern controlled parking system that provides unique possibilities of direct information on the operation of the system, on traffic, on revenues, on the effectiveness of policing, on the charges of offenders, etc.

The control of the legality of the controlled parking is carried out by the Municipal Police. The SMSPark system provides the Municipal Police with the necessary tools for the safe and effective policing of the parking system, contributing to the increase of the police officer’s productivity.
The municipal police officer is equipped with portable electronic devices (a palm or tablet laptop and a laptop printer). At the beginning of the shift, the municipal police officer turns on the computer and enters his ID and password. After being certified by the system, it follows the instructions on its screen to fulfill the control.

The system provides information to the police officer to create a police route based on historical data (time or quality: demand; delinquency; performance) or he can choose the route he wants to control. The police officer enters the parking space occupied by the vehicle he wishes to check by selecting (clicking on the screen), typing or scanning. He then enters the registration number of the vehicle by typing or scanning the license plate. The data is sent to the central system of SMSPark which answers to the police officer about the legality or not of the parking. In case of illegal parking, an infringement report is issued, which is printed on the portable printer and placed in a visible place on the vehicle windshield.

Every action taken by the police officer with the laptop is registered in the system database. In this way, the auditor does not need to spend time, at the end of his shift, on filing the violations he confirmed. Violations are registered from the moment they are confirmed and the related services (financial service for calls, cleaning department for garbage, road construction department for damage, etc.) are informed immediately and automatically. In addition, the municipal police service has the ability to monitor the productivity of its employees in relation to age, gender, partner, itinerary, time period and to configure their shift schedule according to their performance.

Services provided include:
1. Numbering of places and installation and maintenance of horizontal and vertical markings in the parking places of the controlled parking system.
2. System configuration
3. Software installation and hosting
4. System management
5. Production and distribution of the material for the payment of the parking fee (scratch cards, prepaid parking time cards, etc.),
6. Provision of premium sms services in cooperation with mobile telephony providers
7. Providing user support services with an organized help-desk
8. Installation and configuration of controlled parking policing software
9. Procurement of policing equipment of controlled parking training of competent municipal employees in the use of the provided services,
10. Production of detailed monthly usage statistics of the system
11. Issuance of monthly financial statements
12. Call management and sending notifications.

The SMSPark system is provided to the institutions either free of charge in the form of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) and co-exploitation of the revenues or with the supply of the system by the institution.