Project Description

The Valet Parking application offers its customers On Demand Vehicle Parking services. That is, it is possible for customers as they head to their destination or as soon as they arrive, to contact the company and state the desire for someone to pick up their car at a specific point and deliver it to one of the available parking spaces. Once the caller details are confirmed, an appointment is made immediately at the specific point and company staff picks up the vehicle and delivers it to the parking lot. The customer picks up the vehicle from the parking lot whenever he wishes.

BRAINBOX can help with:
the design and development of the website
the design and installation of the online store of the node
the installation and configuration of BRAINBOX ECS content management application
Optimal search engine integration
The hosting of the software in a fully equipped Datacenter
The development of a version of the node that will work on smart phones and mobile phones
The promotion of the node through social networking sites, blogs, newsletters, WoMM and targeted marketing actions.
Modern organizations today focus on technology in order to find ways to better reach their audience. We believe that the most important thing is not the technology itself, but how everyone uses it. Even more important are the relationships and personal contact that one “builds” with one’s audience, making use of these new technologies.
To date, BRAINBOX has undertaken significant mobile application development projects gaining extensive know-how. When developing applications, the key points where BRAINBOX know-how creates its competitive advantage are:
Optimization is the technical process required to make a website appear higher than others when searching for relevant words or phrases in search engines. This process is especially important as it is essentially a direct and free way of promoting the company when searching for potential customers on the Internet.