Project Description

Augmented Reality technology has been developed globally recently and is an important field of research and development in recent years. It is essentially an IT application that combines real-world data to which digital information is added. In this way it is possible when displaying points, people, locations, objects, etc. from the real world, to automatically display data from a digital database that is related to real-time objects and changes based on them.

BRAINBOX Informatics, systematically dealing with innovation and new developments in the development of special applications, has developed augmented reality applications that can be important solutions in the promotion, promotion and sale of products and services.

1. Virtual product laboratory in a shop window or inside a physical store
2. Virtual product testing in an online store
3. Three-dimensional or two-dimensional display of models with the addition of digital information
4. Augmented reality games on mobile or online
5. Application that combines location-based services with the addition of digital information (geolocation services + AR)

Augmented reality applications are aimed at companies that want to integrate new technologies into the hitherto traditional practice of advertising and sales promotion. They are addressed to retail companies, department stores, shopping malls, organizers of exhibitions, seminars, educational events, etc.
Augmented Reality (AR) technologies provide the business with opportunities to improve sales and personalize customer reach and product promotion. In this way, the company is differentiated from the competition and opportunities to increase its turnover are achieved.